Founded by Darya Kosilova, the concept for Cherish the Label arose from over a decade of experience working as a professional model in the fashion industry. Having worked for numerous global e-commerce brands, she witnessed the alarming, wasteful impact of seasonal fast fashion on the environment and on consumer habits. It became clear that she needed to channel her knowledge towards redirecting her position in the industry.
Fashion is cyclical, trends come and go (and then return again), but the garments we make for them are here to stay with most ending up in our landfills and oceans. At the core of Cherish we believe in individual action. What you do on an individual level matters. One step towards becoming more conscious consumers is to offset our purchases by introducing vintage and second-hand items into our lives. We also believe in authenticity. Why have the same stuff as everyone else? Each Cherish piece is hand-sourced for its unique aesthetic and quality. We hope that our garments reinvigorate your wardrobe and make you stand out no matter the occasion.
Our one-of-a-kind garments are made available weekly and our items are rarely restocked.
Don't let "the one" get away.